School of IS Game Night

IS game night flyer

Join the the School of Interdisciplinary Studies for a fun-filled night of Jackbox Trivia Murder Party on Microsoft Teams! Meet other students while learning random trivia on October 29th, at 5:00 PM! Register here.

American Studies Presents: Virtual Fall Film Festival

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Join the American Studies (AMS) Program and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies for our first Virtual Fall Film Festival!

This series of screenings will include the following films curated by our AMS Professors:

I Am Not Your Negro (2016), Spotlight (2015), and a double feature comparing the films Miracle (2004) and Red Army (2014).

Screening Dates:

  1. October 22, 2020 at 5:00pm: Screening Spotlight (2015)
    • This film does a fantastic job chronicling the processes of journalism and delving into ethical questions of reporting.
    • Discussion and Q&A after the film with our AMS Professors.
    • Register here.
  2. November 12, 2020 at 2:00pm: Screening a double feature Miracle (2004) and Red Army (2014)
    • The film Miracle illustrate how American film portrays the role of sport in international conflict (specifically Cold War geopolitics).
    • The film Red Army illustrates the pivotal 1980 Winter Olympics from the Russian perspective. It's highly informative and entertaining.
    • Discussion and Q&A after the film with our AMS Professors.
    • Register here.

Where Are They Now? The McDermott Scholars Class of 2001

August 14, 2020

Many members of the first class of McDermott Scholars have gone on to earn the highest degrees in their fields and have taken their place as leaders in health care, law, government, science, the arts and academia. They include attorneys, academic researchers, scientists, a pastor and two professors at UT Dallas. Here's what they are doing now.

the first class of mcdermott scholars

Kiss and Make Up, or Not? Researchers Analyze Post-Conflict Behaviors

May 21, 2020

A team led by Dr. Karen Prager, professor of interdisciplinary studies and psychology, identified four broad categories of post-conflict behavior and found that actively repairing the relationship was most effective, while avoidance was most detrimental. Read more about this trio of studies here.

photo of professor Karen Prager

Myths and Unknowns About Chess and the Contenders for the World Chess Championship

November 9, 2018

Alexey W. Root, Interdisciplinary Studies Lecturer, discusses the myths and unknowns about the world chess championship contenders and the game of chess. Read more about chess and its myths here.

photo of professor Alexy Root

Veterans Day: Jennifer Hudson Reflects on the First WWII POW to Return to Dallas

November 12, 2018

Jennifer Hudson, Interdisciplinary Studies Lecturer, states in an article written for the Dallas Morning news that “remembering someone is what keeps them alive.”  Hudson’s article discusses her  grandfather’s experiences while being a prisoner of war and the first of which to return to Dallas alive.  Read more about Hudon’s grandfather and his experiences here.

Jennifer Hudson, Lecturer

Academic Bridge Program Puts Students on Path to Success at UT Dallas

Aug. 9, 2018

Academic Bridge provides services including tutoring, mentoring, housing and financial assistance to students from underrepresented communities.  Students start courses in the summer as part of the program, which is supported by funds from the Texas Legislature, the University and private donations. After a month in the program, several of the 30 freshman in this year’s group said they learned new time-management skills and study habits that helped them with the faster pace of college courses. Read more about the Academic Bridge Program.

Algebra Tutoring Adds to the Fun for Campers at Kids’ University

July 9, 2018

At Kids’ University, students take time out from robotics, science and arts activities to work with tutors on a subject you don’t see on the schedule at many summer camps: algebra. Algebra tutoring is a critical part of the equation at the camp, which serves children ages 4 to 14 living in area homeless shelters and is hosted by UT Dallas and the Dallas nonprofit Rainbow Days. Homeless children often fall at least one grade level behind due to frequent moves and school transfers, said Dr. George Fair, vice president for diversity and community engagement and dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Read more about Kids’ University and algebra.

Graduate Puts Growing Interest in Sustainability to Work at Dallas Zoo

June 21, 2018

Aasya Peera BA’18 in Interdisciplinary Studies, put her passion for sustainability to work this spring, serving as an environmental services intern with the Dallas Zoo. Peera helped the zoo’s six divisions select and implement sustainability projects such as reducing energy consumption, minimizing chemical use and increasing educational awareness. Read more about Aasya Peera.

Kids University

There are over 1,000 children in the Dallas area that are currently in homeless situations.  At UT-Dallas, the School of Interdisciplinary  Studies in partnership with Rainbow Days, a Dallas non-profit, have come together to teach them to dream big and help show them their potential.

Interdisciplinary Studies Outstanding Teaching Award 2017-2018

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies recognized Dr. Kathleen Byrnes for her outstanding teaching and mentoring of students during the 2017-2018 year. Dr. Byrnes is not only an instructor for the rapidly growing Healthcare Studies major, but she is also the Program Head. Dr. Jillian Duquaine-Watson and Dr. E. Lynn Winstead were the runner ups for earning the Interdisciplinary Studies Outstanding Teaching Award 2017-2018.