Argelia Simon Mechanical Engineering Major Class of 2018 ABP student since 2014

Student Profile: Argelia Simon

"I would like to thank the ABP staff for genuinely caring about us and making sure they do everything they can to have a successful class of students graduate from UT Dallas."

How has ABP helped you in your transition from high school to college?

"ABP paid for us to start college the summer after graduating from high school. In that summer, we took 3 classes and were provided with room and board allowing us to get a head start for the fall semester. It also has provided me with a network of minority students that have a similar background as me. Lastly, ABP gave me a job as a math tutor since 2015 and that job helped me pay for personal expenses."

What are the best aspects of the ABP program?

"The best aspects of ABP are that we are provided with personal tutors, mentors, book scholarships, free apartment for 4 years, and a nice dining hall plan for the first two years. I really like that I can borrow books from the ABP library for an entire semester and save around $500. I have also received a scholarship to pay for books, which helped a lot."