Christian Guzman Fianance Major Class of 2018 ABP student since 2014

Student Profile: Christian Guzman

How has ABP helped you in your transition from high school to college?

"I enjoyed how I was able to get a head start and take courses at UT Dallas during the summer. This allowed me to experience college life before the actual school year started so it didn’t feel too overwhelming when the fall semester started. The ABP staff was very attentive and guided us throughout the summer. They would bring in speakers during our weekly meetings and also discussed different issues/resources available, which was beneficial. Living at UTD during the summer program also helped me learn many things about being independent."

What are the best aspects of the ABP program?

"I believe that one of the best aspects of ABP is the amount of resources available to help students and all the support from the faculty. The few times I have encountered problems or needed some sort of guidance I knew that I would find help within the program. In addition to that, they have offered me tutoring, an accessible computer lab, jobs, school books, and housing. This has helped me out tremendously. Another aspect is the people you get to meet within the program. I am still great friends with many of the other students that I came in with 3 years ago. It really does feel like a second family to me."