Justin Shaw Computer Engineering Major Class of 2018 ABP student since 2013

Student Profile: Justin Shaw

How has ABP helped you in your transition from high school to college?

"The Academic Bridge program was critical to my academic success in college. The calculus class I took in the summer of 2013 as well as the tutoring that accompanied it help solidify my math skills, which was incredibly important to pursing an engineering degree. The courses over the first summer also helped me acclimate to a college environment and get a head start on other freshman joining in the fall semester."

What are the best aspects of the ABP program?

"The best aspect of the ABP program is the housing scholarship. In my case, living off campus would have resulted in a two-hour commute to and from campus via public transportation. This would have made it immensely difficult for me to sustain a high GPA and pursue employment opportunities that would enhance my professional development."