The American Studies minor focuses on the cultures, institutions, arts, communication structures, businesses, social processes and media in the United States and emphasizes the social and cultural diversity of American society.

Students often minor in American studies to prepare for graduate school or to lead careers in business, non-profit organizations, media and communications.

The American Studies minor is 18 semester credit hours and requires upper-level courses from American Studies, Gender Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies.

For more information, see the course catalog.

Required Foundation Courses (6 hours)

AMS 3302 – American Cultures
BIS 3320 – Nature of Intellectual Inquiry

Upper level Electives (12 hours)

AMS 3300 – American Popular Culture
AMS 3322 – American Ethnic Experience: Immigrants > 1945
AMS 3374 – Entrepreneurs in America
AMS 4304 – Communication in America
AMS 4360 – Rebels and Reformers: Women and Alcohol in America
AMS 4379 – Topics in American Studies
ISIS 3335 – United States and East Asia