Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) degree is a flexible, challenging and rewarding program for students interested in combining science-based courses with other interests such as environmental, behavioral or historical issues.

Teaching certification is also possible through the Teacher Development Center. Internships are encouraged.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree requires 120 hours, 51 hours of which must be upper-division courses. Students must complete a minimum of 45 hours at UT Dallas to earn a degree.

The degree includes two foundation areas and a multidisciplinary concentration, in addition to core curriculum requirements and electives.

The foundation areas are designed to provide an intellectual base in two academic schools related to the student’s concentration. The concentration component permits a multidisciplinary investigation of an area, problem or theme meaningful to students’ educational or career goals. The Interdisciplinary Studies major preparatory and core courses require the perspectives of more than one discipline. Lastly, the electives develop, increase or intensify students’ studies. Some of the courses may require prerequisites or co-requisites.

No more than 21 upper-division hours in a specific subject can be included in the combined courses of the foundations, the concentration and advanced electives.

Core Curriculum Requirements: 42 semester credit hours

  • 6 hours Communication
  • 6 hours Government/Political Science
  • 6 hours American History
  • 3 hours Mathematics
  • 3 hours Social & Behavioral Science
  • 3 hours Language, Philosophy & Culture
  • 3 hours Creative Arts
  • 6 hours Life & Physical Sciences
  • 6 hour component area option

Math requirements: Math 1325/1326 or Math 2413/2414 or Math 2417/2419.

Major Core Courses: 18 semester credit hours

  • BIS3320 The Nature of Intellectual Inquiry
  • One 3 semester credit hour ISIS course
  • One 3 semester credit hour AMS, GST, ISIS, or BIS 4V04 Internship
  • Any three ISNS Science Course

Foundation I (12 semester credit hours)

Foundation I must be math-based or science-based. Courses are taught by the:

  • School of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (Neuroscience or Cognitive Science only)

Foundation II (12 hours)

Foundation II is drawn from courses taught by:

*If not used in Foundation I.

Students seeking teacher certification must select an education foundation. See your academic advisor for details.

Concentrations (18 hours)

The concentration consists of 18 hours of courses and is your opportunity to specialize in an area. Together with your academic advisor, you will design your concentration to suit your particular interests.

  • Courses must be relevant to your concentration topic.
  • The concentration must include at least three different disciplines. Courses with different prefixes are generally considered different disciplines; however, all JSOM courses are considered one discipline.
  • 12 semester credit hours must be science or math courses.

Decide your concentrations as early as possible, as courses may require prerequisites or co-requisites. You can change your concentrations, but consult with your advisor to determine how your credits may apply to your degree requirements.

Examples of Common Concentrations (PDF)

Electives (18 hours)

  • Guided Electives: 1 semester credit hour
    • UNIV 1010 Freshman Seminar
    • BIS 1100 Interdisciplinary Studies Freshman Seminar
  • Free Electives: 17 semester credit hours

Six credit hours of your electives must be upper-division.

Download a sample degree plan (opens in Excel):

For more information on the BSIS degree, refer to the academic catalog and set up an appointment with your academic advisor.

Course Details

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How to Apply

  • Apply to UT Dallas (select School of Interdisciplinary Studies; major Interdisciplinary Studies – BS in ApplyTexas)
  • Learn more about UT Dallas admission requirements