Program Faculty

Victoria Askew
Healthcare Studies, Lecturer
Healthcare Studies Internships
[email protected] | 972-883-2297 | HH 2.804

Claire Baetge
Healthcare Studies, Lecturer
Areas of Interest: coming soon...
[email protected] | Hoblitzelle Hall

Kathleen A. Byrnes
Associate Professor of Instruction, Department Head Healthcare Studies
Areas of Interest: Mental Health, Gerontology, Health Care Administration, Health Careers Preparation

Susan P. Chizeck
Areas of Interest: Health Policy, Asian Studies, Experiential Education, Mental Health

Lora Day
Areas of Interest: Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics

Jillian M. Duquaine-Watson
Program Head, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies & Senior Lecturer III
Areas of Interest: Social Change, International Development, Poverty, Motherhood & Reproduction

George W. Fair
Professor and Dean
Areas of Interest: Mathematics Education, Homeless Children

Jennifer Hudson
American Studies, Lecturer
Areas of Interest: History
[email protected] | 972-883-6277 | HH 2.812

Rachael McBride
Healthcare Studies, Lecturer

Kaaz Naqvi
American Studies, Senior Lecturer
Areas of Interest: African American History, Immigration, American Muslims, Radicalism, Empire, Sports

Neall Pogue
Senior Lecturer
Areas of Interest: Environmental History
[email protected] | 972-883-4364 | HH 2.130

Karen J. Prager
Areas of Interest: Romantic Relationships, Intimacy, Conflict Management, Gender Equity, Marriage

Alexey Root
Areas of Interest: Areas of Interest: K-12 Education, Gifted & Talented Education, Social Studies Education, Public and School Libraries, Chess [email protected] | 972-883-2323 | HH 2.110 | Curriculum Vitae | Homepage

Jonathan Rosa
Areas of Interest: American Studies
[email protected] | 972-883-2024 | HH 2.804

Elizabeth Salter
Areas of Interest: Physical Anthropology

Lona Sandon
Healthcare Studies, Lecturer
Areas of Interest: coming soon.....
[email protected] | 214-648-1521

Ryan Savard
Areas of Interest: Kinesiology

Erin Smith
Areas of Interest: 19th- & 20th-century American Literatures & Cultures, History of the Book, Gender Studies

Azadeh Stark
Healthcare Studies, Senior Lecturer
Areas of Interest: Healthcare
[email protected] | 972-883-2334

Don Taylor
Healthcare Studies, Lecturer
Areas of Interest: Coming soon...

Larissa Werhnyak
Department Head, American Studies & Senior Lecturer I
Areas of Interest: coming soon...

Lynn Winstead
Areas of Interest: Interpersonal Communication, Professional Communication, Crisis Management & Response, Emergency Responder & Law Enforcement Critical Incident Response

Tonja Wissinger
Associate Dean & Senior Lecturer III
Areas of Interest: Women’s History, American and British Women’s Literature, Gender Studies, History of Medicine, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Alcohol Studies

David Wright
Areas of Interest: Inquiry, Marketing

Academic and Administrative Staff

Soli Ghirmai
Program Director Academic Bridge Program
[email protected] | 972-883-2655 | HH 2.802

Flor Llauce
Student Development Specialist II, Academic Bridge Program
[email protected] | 972-883-2253 | HH 2.702

Jackie Long
Project Supervisor, Academic Bridge Program
[email protected] | 972-883-4279 | HH 2.702A

Mai Nguyen
Administrative Associate, Interdisciplinary Studies/Dean's Office
[email protected] | 972-883-4368 | HH 2.124

Ahnna Peavey
Administrative Services Officer Graduate Program / Dean’s Office
[email protected] | 972-883-2350 | HH 2.810

Desta Seifu
Assistant Director, Academic Bridge Program
[email protected] | 972-883-6391 | HH 2.702B

Suzanne Shoda
Secretary II, Interdisciplinary Studies/Undergraduate Advising
[email protected] | 972-883-2323 | HH 2.110

Shaun Wilson
Research Associate, Interdisciplinary Studies/Office of Diversity and Community Engagement
[email protected] | 972-883-4298 | AD 3.207D

Dante Jaramillo
Interactive Media Specialist, Interdisciplinary Studies
[email protected] | 972-883-3804 | HH 2.142