This minor in Exercise Sciences is ideal for students who are interested in broadening their experience and knowledge base in the study and analysis of principles related to human movement, exercise and athletics. Students will acquire new information on key domains of the field including exercise physiology, psychological approach to health, nutrition principles and injury prevention and treatment strategies. Specifically, the minor provides students with an introductory grounding in physiologic principles that help us understand not only how human systems respond to exercise stress, but also how the body changes with chronic exercise stress.

The Exercise Sciences minor is 18 semester credit hours.

Required Foundation Courses (9 hours)

HLTH 1301 – Introduction to Kinesiology
HLTH 1322 – Human Nutrition
BIOL 3370 – Exercise Physiology

Upper-Level Electives (at least 9 hours from the following courses)

Note many of these courses have prerequisites and you must have them to take the course.

BIOL 3455 – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I
BIOL 3456 – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab II
ECON 3315 – Economics of Sports
HLTH 3101 – Medical Terminology
PHYS 3317 – Physics of the Human Body
PSY 4328 – Health Psychology