The Healthcare Studies minor is designed for students of any major who are interested in pursuing a career in a healthcare-related field.

As a student minoring in healthcare studies, you’ll learn important aspects of the health profession, including proper terminology and fundamentals of professionalism; gain understanding of essential biological and medical principles related to human health and disease; and learn primary aspects of the history and philosophy of healthcare in America.

This minor is appropriate for all pre-health students, including those interested in healthcare fields such as physical therapy, pharmacy, clinical nutrition, public health and counseling.

18 semester credit hours are required, 12 semester credit hours of which must be upper-level courses. No courses used to fulfill requirement of a major or another minor may be used.

For more information, see the course catalog.

Health Career Development Foundations

HLTH 4304– Health Professions Internship 
HLTH 1100 – Career Explorations for the Health Professions
HLTH 3300 – Pre-Health Professional Development
HLTH 3101 – Medical Terminology

Historical, Legal, and Philosophical Foundations

At least one of the following courses:
HIST 3328 – History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
PHIL 4320 – Medical Ethics or PHIL 4321 – Philosophy of Medicine (both of these topics may be taken when offered)
PSCI 4365 – Law and Medicine

Biological Foundations

At least one of the following courses:
BIOL 3370 – Exercise Physiology
BIOL 3455 – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I
BIOL 3456 – Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab II
HLTH 1322 – Human Nutrition
NSC 3344 – Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
NSC 4356 – Neurophysiology
NSC 4366 – Neuroanatomy

Psychological, Social and Economic Foundations

At least one of the following courses:
ECON 3330 – Economics of Health
GEOG 3357 – Spatial Dimensions of Health and Disease
HLTH 3301 – Issues in Geriatric Healthcare
PSY 4328 – Health Psychology
PSY 4346 – Human Sexuality
SOC 4372 – Health and Illness
SPAN 3341 – Medical Spanish