Read what some of our alumni have to say about the Healthcare Studies program and their post-graduate plans

“Healthcare Studies contains everything I was looking for in an education to prepare me for medical school. The flexible, interdisciplinary nature of the program allowed me to complete the science prerequisites for admission and to choose classes that fit my interests as well as allowed me to pursue areas I was not previously exposed to such as healthcare management. This program definitely helped me during my medical school interviews and gave me an edge over other applicants. I confidently spoke about healthcare issues and could have deeper conversations with my interviewers due to my knowledge. I highly recommend his program!! It made me a more well-rounded person and I am extremely proud to say that I graduated from UTD with this major. It’s been exciting to see this program grow as much as it has and I can’t wait to see how it will change other student’s lives in the future!” Sophia Tran

“Majoring in Healthcare Studies was one of my best decisions I have made in my college career. Healthcare Studies gave me the backup option of pursuing other careers within the healthcare field just in case medical school did not work out. The courses offered by the Healthcare Studies program gave me a better view of the healthcare field, and helped me better understand the other aspects of healthcare such as patient-centered care, cultural competency, epidemiology and many more which helped me to do well on my medical school interviews.” Yared Wondermagegn

Stelin George


“Though a novel and virtually unheard of degree plan just a few years ago, the B.S. in Healthcare Studies has already delivered on all of its promises. I and my fellow classmates have experienced passionate professors share insight into the inner workings of the actual field that we’re looking forward to entering. I’m sure that my Healthcare Studies degree made me stand apart from other undergraduates applying to medical schools. As I’m about to leave UT Dallas, I feel grateful for my early exposure to the mechanisms involved in promoting global health, navigating the U.S. healthcare system, caring for geriatric populations, and acting professionally as a future physician. In its own way, my major reflects the intellectual composition of modern medicine–part science and part art.” Stelin George

Preston Ooi

"I planned on majoring in biology when I came to UT Dallas, but Dr. Byrnes, one of my professors at the time, convinced me to switch to Healthcare Studies, and it has been one of the best decisions I've made at UT Dallas."

The major opened my mind to the other healthcare professions such as podiatry, physical therapy and healthcare administration. The core curriculum is essentially the same as biology with the unique addition of Healthcare Studies classes. Some of my favorite courses were Career Explorations for the Health Professions, Issues in Patient Education and The U.S. Healthcare System. In Career Explorations, guest speakers from a variety of pre-health professions came to talk to the class about their everyday life, and this confirmed my desire to continue to pursue the pre-med track. Issues in Patient Education shed light on the humane side of medicine as well as proper bedside manner. Last but not least, The U.S. Healthcare System class elucidated the complex happenings of our fragmented system and stimulated me to brainstorm potential solutions. There is also a guided internship class, allowing students to shadow a healthcare professional and gain practical experience.

Take advantage of this new major that's quickly growing, and stand out to health professional schools. This major definitely helped me gain acceptance to the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine, Class of 2020." - Preston Ooi

Lauren Eng

After graduating from Boston College, I returned to my hometown to consider pursuing medical school. After meeting with health professions advisors at UTD and BC, it became clear to me that I would need to attain more academic training before applying to medical schools. I was drawn to the Healthcare Studies degree because it offered opportunities to learn about other aspects of heath care that would be integral to a medical profession. I thought this degree was especially unique because I could take both basic science courses AND learn about heath ethics, growing fields of medicine, pertinent global health issues, administration and law. Each class was interesting and valuable to my pursuit of medicine. At the end of this semester, I will have a double major in Biology and Healthcare Studies, making me a very well rounded pre-med student. I am going to Tulane Medical School in the fall. I believe this degree has not only prepared me to be a knowledgeable medical student but also prepared for a career as a physician. - Lauren Eng

Shadan Alwan

"The Healthcare Studies major has certainly broadened my perspective on the matters of healthcare today. The classes encapsulate the importance of what it means to be a healthcare provider, emphasizing on the importance of public health, patient education/communication, and our healthcare system as a whole. This major, while including a solid science foundation, has immensely helped me to excel as a pre-medical student. Along with the guidance and support of my professors and academic advisor within the major, the Healthcare Studies degree stands as a valuable resource that facilitated my acceptance into medical school.

I am confident that the knowledge that I have gained from this major will serve as a great asset throughout my upcoming studies at the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine, and as a practicing physician within the future to come." - Shadan Alwan

Zachary DeZeeuw

"When I started at UTD as a biology major, I soon realized that the healthcare field was definitely the industry I wanted to go in to. I had my reservations about the Healthcare Studies degree at first, but upon further inspection I discovered that this degree provided the perfect balance of a strong scientific foundation while also allowing you to take classes centered around current healthcare topics in your desired field. The latter definitely gave me an edge over other applicants during the interview phase of the medical school application cycle since I was comfortably able to speak about issues in the healthcare field. Knowing about what is going on in your prospective field is extremely important in deciding if that is the career path you want to take, and the Healthcare Studies degree aims to provide you with this information. There is no doubt that my success in achieving my acceptance to UT Houston's McGovern Medical school was due in part to the Healthcare Studies degree and the wonderful faculty that made it possible." - Zachary DeZeeuw

Marcela Mendez

"The Healthcare Studies major allowed me to tailor my degree plan to my career path. The basic science foundations combined with classes specific to the healthcare field gave me an edge when applying to medical school. Through this degree, I learned early on about topics that healthcare professionals often do not encounter until much later in their careers. I believe that the Healthcare Studies major played a crucial role in my acceptance into medical schools because it gave me a well-rounded view of the medical profession." - Marcela Mendez

Alex Vo

"After much deliberation in my first semester at UTD, I came to the decision to major in Healthcare Studies, and I am fortunate enough to say that I have never looked back. This degree has offered me a broader and more meaningful understanding of the U.S. healthcare system which I know I would have been lacking with my prior pursuit in a degree in biology. Not only did I learn of the system as an entity, but also learned how I could contribute to the system by educating myself about the diversity of the patient population and how to develop myself as a exemplary healthcare professional.

I believe that this degree has helped me earn my admission into medical school at the Texas A&M Health Science Center of Medicine. Throughout the interview process, I felt that I had more of an edge in discussing pertinent healthcare issues due to my exposure with this degree. At the point of interviews, everyone was expected to have stellar academics, but I believe that what set most of us apart were our understanding of the healthcare system and our drive to contribute to and improve it. Ultimately, I know that the skills and knowledge that I have gained with this degree will aid me in becoming an informed and prepared clinician." - Alex Vo

Emily Chin

"I initially matriculated into UTD as a Biochemistry major, switched to a Biology/Business Administrative major my sophomore year, and then finally switched to the Healthcare Studies program the second half of my sophomore year. As a pre-med student, I wanted to take classes with certain topics that I won't encounter in medical school, such as the U.S. Healthcare System or Issues in Patient Education. What I loved the most about the Healthcare Studies program was the flexibility! I got to choose the classes that were most relevant to me and what I found the most interest in. It was the perfect balance of challenging science courses I needed to take in order to excel in medical school while taking courses that discussed modern healthcare topics. I took healthcare business administrative courses, neuroscience courses, and even a class on professionalism. I will be going to medical school at Auburn University summer 2017, and I am positive that this program gave me an advantage during the interview process. Would do it all over again!" - Emily Chin

Peter Trinh

"The Healthcare Studies degree is a unique major that I believe helped me gain acceptance into the physician assistant program at UT Southwestern. I switched from biology to Healthcare Studies my junior year to gain a better understanding of the U.S. healthcare system. As a result, I felt I had an edge in discussing current healthcare topics with the professors and faculty that I met during my physician assistant school interview.

The strong science foundation of this major also helped academically prepare me for PA school. Most importantly, I'm confident that this major has shaped me to be an informed future clinician with a greater insight into our healthcare system." - Peter Trinh

Aila Soomro

When I started as a freshman at UT Dallas, I already knew with conviction that I wanted to major in Healthcare Studies. I had learned about it through an information session lead by the head of the program. She genuinely cared about my career path and helping me reach my goals.

The classes taught me valuable lessons about being a future healthcare provider and the internship helped me gain hands-on patient care experience and also assured me that I made the right career choice by pursuing the physician assistant profession.

The Healthcare Studies major made me a better candidate when I applied to PA school, and I strongly believe it will make me a better provider. The knowledge I have gained from this major has prepared me for the rigorous curriculum of physician assistant school. I believe this major was crucial in helping me gain acceptance to the UT Southwestern Medical Center Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program, Class of 2019. - Aila Soomro

Ralph Lee

"I graduated from UTD with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies. I was lucky to be exposed to this major because it really opened doors and enriched my perspective of the healthcare field, helping me achieve acceptance to the doctorate of physical therapy program at The University of St. Augustine. Healthcare Studies gave me the opportunity to do internships, learn about patient care and the healthcare system, and enabled me to hear from speakers from different professions. What's great about this program is that whatever profession in healthcare you're pursuing, this major tailors to your degree, putting you in essential courses that will also benefit you in the future. This degree definitely played a role in the experiences that I can bring with me on my path toward my doctorate degree." - Ralph Lee

Alan Kaplan

I came to UTD in 2012 knowing that I wanted to work in healthcare, but not sure what discipline was right for me. By taking classes like Career Explorations in Healthcare and Pre-Health Professional Development I was introduced to Occupational Therapy and found my future career. The Healthcare Studies program provided me with the tools that I needed to find internships, complete the necessary pre-requisites for OT school, and establish long-lasting professional relationships in the field. I am proud to say that my completion of UTD's Healthcare Studies program resulted in me being accepted to The University of St. Augustine's Master of Occupational Therapy Program in Austin. - Alan Kaplan

Alma Garay Romero

"Coming to UT Dallas, I knew that I wanted to go into the healthcare field, and Healthcare Studies was a great fit for me as a pre-health student. It gave me the chance to learn about different areas in the health field. I learned about careers I had never considered, and met wonderful professors, advisors, and other students who also had an interest in science and health. Through my courses I learned about the fields of dentistry, medicine, optometry, occupational therapy, nutrition, as well as physician assisting, pharmacy, and many others. Guest speakers who visited several of my classes, such as students in professional schools, and professionals currently employed in the field, helped me gain a new perspective of the combination of professions that make up the health system. My internship class even allowed me to specifically learn about my area of interest through volunteer work at a free clinic in Dallas.

My experience as a healthcare studies major has been truly valuable to me. Requirements in Healthcare Studies include science courses which are prerequisites for application to several professional schools, including dental school. I was able to take classes that taught me science in combination with classes that taught me about the state of our current healthcare system, patient education issues, and about the business aspect of the health field.

I feel that my double major in Healthcare Studies and Biology have helped prepare me for a future in healthcare. My majors have given me the tools I needed to take the next steps in my career. As I start dental school next fall, I hope to apply several of the concepts that I learned during my undergraduate years!" - Alma Garay Romero

Dana Aborahma

When I first came to UT Dallas, I knew that I wanted to pursue a pre-dental path, but I did not want to major in Biology. I had applied as a Psychology major, since it is a subject that has always interested me, but when I found out about Healthcare Studies as being a new major, I decided to switch to that.

This major not only allowed me to fulfill all pre-requisites for dental schools, but gave me the chance to take an abundant amount of upper level science courses that strengthened my application. I was given the opportunity to not just learn about the scientific aspect of healthcare, but the communicative and business sides of it as well through courses like Issues in Geriatric Healthcare, and Intro to Healthcare Management. There is so much flexibility to this major that I was even able to take courses that interested me, such as Health Psychology and Medical Spanish. The emphasis that Healthcare Studies provides on didactics, internships, patient education, and the overall U.S. healthcare system gives students an expanse of knowledge that assists them in pursuing their career goals, or helping them to discover them. Through fantastic faculty and advisors, I was able to gain admission into dental school, and look forward to continuing my education. - Dana Aborahma

Tania Ramezani

"The Healthcare Studies major at UT-Dallas is an invaluable and unique major that certainly broadened my knowledge in the healthcare field during the completion of my Undergraduate Degree. As a Pre-Dental student with this degree plan, I was not only able to fulfill all the required pre-requisites for dental school, but I was also exposed to topics that pertain specifically to healthcare professionals before I enter graduate school. This also helped me stand out as a dental school applicant because it allowed for me to take classes outside of the standard scope of electives that most applicants have. The Healthcare Studies major offers classes like Health & Illness, Medical Ethics, and Health Psychology that presents applicable information that can be used in future practice. I strongly recommend this major to those who are seeking a career as a healthcare professional, and I believe that the Healthcare Studies major at UT-Dallas played an important role in my acceptance at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry for the Class of 2021." - Tania Ramezani

Healthcare Studies at UT Dallas is definitely an invaluable major that encompasses everything a student pursuing a career in the healthcare field needs to know. This major offers unique courses like Patient Education, Health and Illness, and U.S. Healthcare Systems, which give students a comprehensive understanding of what the reality of the healthcare world is like. These courses mandate students to get into real healthcare settings and volunteer in their specific healthcare interests. Another one-of-a-kind course in Healthcare Studies is the Internship where I was given the opportunity to shadow a dentist. This can serve as a confirmation if students are truly interested in the given healthcare field or it can help steer the students in the right direction. My passion for dentistry was further consolidated during the course of my education. Today I feel extremely confident and empowered with the knowledge my degree has imparted upon me to continue my education as a dental student at UT Health San Antonio. Pavanya Mantena

"I added this major as a second semester junior because I felt like I was not as prepared for medical school as I could have been. Completing the major taught me valuable lessons I would not have learned with just a biochemistry major.

Going through the medical school interview process was infinitely more comfortable having taken classes regarding so many aspects of the healthcare system. Whereas some students knew little to nothing about current healthcare issues, I had spent the last several months discussing them daily.

In addition, after taking lecture-based science classes for the first two years at UT Dallas, the discussion format of Healthcare Studies classes forced me to think in a different way, helping me form unique opinions about the current state and future of healthcare in the United States.

Although this is a relatively new program, I have full faith in the University to continue to mold it into one of the best in the nation. For those seeking a career in healthcare, this program is the perfect place to begin your high-level education. I know for a fact that I am better prepared for my upcoming entrance to the The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston than I would have been without the guidance of those involved with the Healthcare Studies major." - Asif Kabani

Heather Hoang

"The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies major at UTD truly prepares any pre-health student with the necessary skill set to succeed in a professional school by blending rigorous science-based coursework with extremely beneficial and relevant healthcare classes. The Healthcare Studies curriculum encompasses matters that are essential in becoming a quality healthcare provider such as cultural competency, inter-professional development, and patient education - subjects that you would not usually encounter in a standard undergraduate Biology or Chemistry degree. The topics that I became well-versed in throughout my Healthcare Studies classes even came up during my interview for pharmacy school. I feel that being a Healthcare Studies major played a big role in my acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin's College of Pharmacy where I will pursue a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. The wonderful advisors and professors that I have met have left a lasting impact on how I will practice as a clinical pharmacist. I strongly recommend this program to anyone seeking a career in healthcare." - Heather Hoang

"Being a health care studies major helped broaden my perspective on the healthcare system and its issues. As a future pharmacist, having prior background knowledge about the healthcare system will help me better understand how current issues can affect the care of my patients. I believe being a healthcare major gave me an edge when it came to applying to pharmacy schools because it provided me with more experiences and healthcare related topics to talk about in interviews. The program taught me lessons on how to become a competent healthcare provider. I strongly believe that being a healthcare studies major helped me gain an acceptance to the University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy, Class of 2022." Jessica Chiu

"Healthcare studies is a great major for any student who wants to purse a healthcare-related career. I'm really glad I chose it instead of biology because it not only meets my prerequisites for optometry school but I was also able to gain a vast amount of knowledge about and insight into the healthcare industry and what it means to be a competent healthcare professional. This major provides a well-rounded curriculum, and because of the courses that I have taken and the guidance that I have received from my professors as well as my academic advisor, I feel prepared to enter into professional school this upcoming year. I definitely recommend pre-health students to strongly consider Healthcare Studies as a major, or at least a minor; it will positively impact you in some way as it has done for me." - Candra' Hepburn

Dima Basatneh

"Pursuing a degree in Healthcare Studies was the best decision I made during my undergraduate career. Healthcare today is progressively moving towards interdisciplinary settings - requiring different healthcare professionals to interact in order to provide optimal care. This major enabled me to broaden my perspectives on different healthcare professions while at the same time giving me insight into the specialty areas of the career I took interest in. I was able to specialize my education by choosing the classes that helped guide me towards my goal of achieving a career in pharmacy. I am certain that the solid background and knowledge in healthcare that I have gained from UTD will set me aside from my peers during professional school and enable me to confidently pursue my pharmacy education at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy." - Dima Basatneh

Eshita Sharmin

"The Healthcare Studies degree is an exceptional addition to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and UT Dallas. I originally came to UTD in Fall 2012 as a biology student. Upon finding out about the Healthcare Studies major, I switched immediately. This choice was a turning point in my academic career because the Healthcare Studies degree helps pre-health students become more well-rounded in their outlook than students of other majors; we are far more prepared to approach the real world because our coursework focuses on what we will need to face at work. The major also contributed to my choice in pursuing a master's in public health because I took Health Care Issues: Global Perspectives and Intro to Public Health. These classes introduced me to prominent issues in maternal and child health and I know now that I want to make a contribution in that track. Furthermore, classes like Special Topics in Healthcare, The US Healthcare System and Independent Study and the required internship course exposed me to the system that we are dealing with.

In addition, I was able to share my essays from these classes as writing samples; professors at Emory University are impressed by my knowledge and even have questions about my work. I cannot be more grateful to UT Dallas for allowing me such experiences. I have recommended the Healthcare Studies major to all my pre-health friends." - Eshita Sharmin

“I am a first year podiatric medical student at Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, part of the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sciences, in North Chicago, IL. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to graduate with a degree in Healthcare Studies. The knowledge I gained from the Healthcare Studies courses helped me not only make a decision to enter into the field of podiatry but made me a more knowledgeable, well-rounded future healthcare professional. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Sciences is a school that values interdisciplinary studies, which made it a perfect segue from UT Dallas. Gaining the knowledge I did from my undergraduate courses made me realize that students must help build a future healthcare system where all the healthcare professionals can rely on each other, communicate effectively, and work together to provide the utmost care and service for our patients.” Jasmin Mansoori

Michael Wong

"Healthcare Studies taught me a lot about the healthcare sector, the many careers available, economic and financial problems and other issues I would have never known before entering this field of study. I think Healthcare Studies is a great option for students who plan on pursuing careers in the healthcare field but are unsure of what they want to focus on. I started my journey as a pre-pharmacy student but came to the realization that it was not the path for me. The great thing about the Healthcare Studies track is the flexibility it holds when a student has second thoughts about their field of study. With the dedicated, hardworking academic advisors, I was able to change directions without losing any credits. As I continue to pursue my MBA/master of health management as a dual masters student, I will never take for granted the many, many instances in which my advisor went out of her way to help. Something as little as a piece of advice or a word of encouragement is all it takes, and I will always be grateful for that! If you decide to pursue a Healthcare Studies major, you will get 110 percent from the advisors to make sure you are successful." - Michael Wong